Choose from our range of stunning lilies delivery bouquets, the perfect gift for any occasion, delivered directly to the recipients door to let them know you care.

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Lily Bouquets


Lilies are very popular flowers - and it's easy to see why! Their unique shape, aromatic fragrance, and variety of colours make them a striking addition to any flower bouquet.

We offer a number of lily varieties, including oriental lilies, calla lilies, and stargazer lilies, and each bring their own unique and distinctive look to our flower arrangements. There are also plenty of colours to choose from, with our range including deep pink oriental lilies, classic white lilies, and beautifully bright orange lilies. For something more unusual, our stunning rainbow lilies are sure to wow your loved ones!

Lilies have a number of symbolic meanings associated with them, depending on the variety and the colour. This makes them a versatile bloom for many different special occasions, from birthday gifts to anniversary flowers. White lilies are also commonly used in sympathy arrangements.

Lily meanings range from femininity, purity, and motherhood, to ambition, passion, and courage. Take a look at our quick guide to lilies and their meanings below:

White Lilies: Purity, virtue, modesty

Pink Lilies: Love, compassion, admiration, femininity

Orange Lilies: Energy, confidence, passion

Red Lilies: Love, romance, passion

We send our lilies in bud - this helps to protect them in transit, and also ensures a long vase life. Once they’re in water, they’ll usually open up after 3-5 days, and with proper care, they can last up to 2 weeks.

Sadly, lilies are extremely toxic to cats, and we recommend that you do not have them in the home if you own a cat. Even brushing up against lilies can be dangerous for cats, as the pollen can cling to their fur and cause serious issues if groomed away.

Although not as dangerous for dogs, we still recommend keeping lilies out of their reach as they can cause an upset stomach.

Calla lilies are much safer for cats, as they are not true lilies. However, they should still be kept out of the reach of pets, as they can cause issues such as inflammation and irritation of the mouth if your cat or dog does eat them.

Looking for flowers safe for pets? Take a look at our roses, orchids, and sunflowers.