Orchid Plants

Orchid plants are elegant and simply beautiful and is a plant that can last for years to come, order an orchid plant delivery today.Read more

Orchids are a beautiful long lasting gift, from Phalaenopsis to Miltonia Orchids our wide range of plants are the perfect pot of elegance whatever the occasion. Never miss the occasion and send your plant gift with next day orchid delivery across the UK 6 days a week.Show less

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Orchid Plant Delivery

Orchids are some of the most popular houseplants, with over 28,000 species. Classically elegant, orchids bloom once or twice a year, with the flowers lasting up three months. These stunning flowering plants symbolise love, luxury, and strength, and are stunning ornamental plants for any home.

At Blossoming Gifts we offer several types of orchid plants, including phalaenopsis orchids, and dendrobium orchids. We have a number of colours to suit every palette, including blue orchids, pink orchids, and white orchids. We select only the best orchids for delivery, and each plant arrives carefully gift wrapped for an attractive and elegant gift.

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Orchid Care Tips

With the right care, our orchid plants can last for many years, making them both beautiful and practical house plants.

Indoor orchids should be kept in a light position, but away from harsh, direct sunlight which can damage the flower stems. A windowsill in a north, east, or west-facing position is a good spot for orchids.

Your plant will arrive in a ceramic orchid pot with bark compost; do not add too much water. The compost should be kept moist but not wet; only add more water when the top inch is dry.

When orchid flowers start dying, you can gently remove them from the stems. To encourage your orchid to re-flower, cut the stems down to below the brown part of the stem. This will allow new shoots to grow and emerge from the stem. Alternatively, you can cut the orchid stem down to its base, and it will grow a brand new flowering stem within a few months.

If you see orchid roots emerging from the pot, you may want to consider repotting your orchid into a larger pot. This should be done when the orchid isn't flowering, as orchids tend to be more delicate when they are in bloom.

Orchids by Post

All of our orchids are available for next day delivery throughout the UK. Order orchids today and receive your beautiful house plant tomorrow, whether it's to spoil a loved one or just to treat yourself.

Not a fan of orchids? We have a full range of other house plants, including rose plants, lily plants, and desk plants available.

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