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Peony Season is Here!


Peonies have become a modern floral sensation, and it's easy to see why. With their large, silky double flowers and gorgeous colours, peonies are incredibly pretty flowers, and make a splash in any bouquet.

They are very popular as wedding flowers in bridal bouquets, but we think they make a fabulous gift for other occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, or even just to spruce up your own home for the summer. They are also the official 12th wedding anniversary flower, so why not send them as a romantic gift to celebrate?

Peonies are seasonal flowers, and typically bloom in the early summer from May to July. All our peonies are herbaceous peonies, and are lovingly grown on dedicated farms to produce the largest and most beautiful blooms possible. We offer the beautiful Sarah Bernhardt peony - these are the perfect summer flowers with their luxuriously frilly blooms in soft blush pink.

Sadly, peony season doesn't last nearly long enough - so don't miss out on these enchanting blooms!

Sadly, peonies can cause health issues in dogs and cats if they eat them. These can include irritation of the mouth, vomiting, and depression. The reaction is usually only mild, but contact your vet if you think your pet has eaten them. We recommend keeping peonies out of the reach of animals.

We send our peonies in bud to give them a longer vase life and protect their petals during their journey to you. Don’t worry if yours look a little disappointing to begin with. The buds are round and typically quite small, but they’ll open up after a few days in water to reveal their sumptuous blooms - you’ll be amazed by the transformation!

When your peonies arrive, trim 2-3cm off the stems using a sharp knife. Remove any leaves that fall below the waterline. You may need to trim more off the stems if using a small vase, to ensure the blooms get enough water.

Sometimes peony buds can be coated in a sticky sap, and this may stop the buds from opening properly. Check yours for sap, and wash any sap away by holding the stem upside down with the head pointing down under warm water.

Finally, fill a vase with water, and add the flower food included with your bouquet. Change the water every 2 days to keep your peonies healthy and hydrated, and to prevent bacteria from building up in the water.

Our peonies will usually fully open after three or four days in water. However, if your peonies don’t start opening, try recutting the stems and placing them in warm water for 24 hours. This can help to stimulate the stems and help the flowers to bloom. Being in a warm room can also help.

In the language of flowers, peonies signify romance, luck, abundance, honour, and wealth. A peony bouquet is a great way to say congratulations, wish someone good luck, or to celebrate a romantic occasion.