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Beautiful Sunflower Bouquets Delivered Nationwide


With their resemblance to the sun, it’s no surprise that sunflowers have an abundance of cheerful meanings including positivity, friendship, happiness, loyalty, and adoration. These happy blooms are the perfect way to make someone smile, whether it’s to say happy birthday, get well soon, or congratulations.

A true summer classic, sunflowers are in bloom from summer to early autumn, with their peak season typically falling between July and September. We love including them in summer bouquets - they’re the perfect way to send a touch of sunshine to your loved ones. They also look fabulous in early autumn bouquets, with their vibrant yellow petals beautifully complementing autumnal reds and oranges, for a rustic, harvest festival look.

Sunflowers require similar care to most other cut flowers, but with a few key differences to bear in mind. They’re quite thirsty flowers, so make sure you give them lots of water - it’s a good idea to retrim the stems and replenish their water daily to keep them hydrated. Their big flowers can also make their stems top heavy, so we recommend displaying sunflower bouquets in a tall vase to support them properly.