Gift Wrapped Blue Hydrangea Plant

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Lovely plant, arrived on time and in lovely condition, will use again
Review by Roz M
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Additional Information

How should I care for this plant? Keep hydrangeas in bright, indirect light, in a cool room. Ensure the soil is kept moist, and water approximately once a week. When the hydrangea is out of bloom, it will require less water, but never let the soil dry out entirely. Make sure the pot is able to drain thoroughly, as roots can rot if left in standing water.
Does this plant come with a pot? This plant arrives in a gift wrapped plastic pot.
Is this plant safe for pets? Hydrangeas are toxic to cats and dogs if eaten. Although the effects are usually mild, we recommend keeping the plant out of their reach.
How is the plant packaged? The plant will be packaged in a cardboard box, with the plastic pot gift wrapped and secured with a cardboard insert.
How long will this plant live? The hydrangea blooms will usually last for a few weeks.