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Springtime tulips are the perfect joyful flowers to send with next day flower deliveryRead more

Explore our range of perfectly arranged tulip bouquets, delivered to any address in the UK, 7 days a week. With their many colours tulips are sure to brighten up any home and make a fantastic gift.Show less

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Tulip Bouquets with Next Day Delivery

Celebrate spring with our delightful selection of tulip bouquets. Tulips are some of our most popular flowers, and a real springtime favourite that’s sure to make someone special smile no matter the occasion.

We’ve designed a gorgeous selection of bouquets in a wide range of colours, including yellow, red, white, pink, and purple tulips - so there’s something for every taste! Send a bouquet of tulips on their own, or explore our lush seasonal bouquets featuring tulips alongside other seasonal flowers like hyacinths, irises, daffodils, and paperwhites.

Our tulips are available throughout spring, and can be delivered anywhere in the UK with our excellent next day flower delivery service. Order tulips online today and have them arrive tomorrow.


Our tulip bouquets are available starting from the end of winter, and throughout spring.

Tulips are a true symbol of spring, and have a number of fitting meanings to represent this, including rebirth, new life, and new beginnings. They’re the perfect way to celebrate a fresh start, welcome a new baby, or say Happy Easter. If you’re looking for a romantic anniversary or Valentine’s gift, tulips are a great choice for this too, as they also symbolise undying love.

The different tulip colours also have a range of unique meanings for when you want to craft the perfect message with flowers:

Pink Tulips: Affection, good wishes

White Tulips: Peace, purity

Yellow Tulips: Joy, “There’s sunshine in your smile”

Red Tulips: True love, romance

Purple Tulips: Royalty, luxury

Orange Tulips: Enthusiasm, passion, excitement

We send our tulips in bud, so don’t worry if they don’t look like the picture at first - they’ll bloom beautifully after a few days in water. Tulips love light, so it’s normal for them to close up when it gets dark too. This also causes one of their most interesting features - tulips continue growing when cut, as they reach towards the light! This does mean you might need to trim them down a little more often to keep them even in the vase (this is also a good time to change the water to keep them healthy!)

If your tulips start to droop, it’s really easy to perk them up. Wrap any affected stems tightly in a piece of paper (making sure the head is supported), and secure the wrap with tape. Retrim the stem and place it in fresh water. You can remove the paper after a few hours, and your tulips should look much happier!