Rainbow Flowers

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Have Rainbow Roses, Rainbow Lilies, or any other colourful bouquet delivered anywhere in the UK with free & next day delivery. Standard roses are out & the new hot gift for any occasion are the Rainbow flowers & plants range, arranged by our expert local florists. Show less

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Rainbow Flowers

Order flowers with Blossoming Gifts and enjoy one of our most popular ranges, Rainbow Flowers. Our rainbow flowers are the perfect way to bring a gorgeous and vibrant splash of colour to a loved one's home.

You may be wondering how we create a rainbow rose? Believe it or not, it all starts with a normal white rose! Rainbow roses are created by applying food colouring on the petals using dyed cups of water - this way we avoid damaging the petals with any harmful chemicals. We split each stem into multiple sections at the base, and dip each section into a different coloured cup of water. The dyed water is drawn up through the cut stems and is absorbed by the petals, resulting in the beautiful multicoloured blooms you see in our rainbow bouquets.

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Our Rainbow Roses bouquet makes for a beautifully vibrant and colourful alternative over a simple white rose bouquet. The stem selection is a very important process for our expert florists not only for creating our Rainbow Roses but for any of our flower arrangements.

Bring vibrancy and colour to your recipient on the day of delivery with our gorgeous range of Rainbow Flowers.

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