Every Wedding Anniversary Flower by Year

Paper for a 1st anniversary, cotton for a 2nd and leather for a 3rd – each wedding anniversary has a traditional gift. But did you know that anniversaries have their own special flowers too?

Carnations are the traditional blooms for a 1st anniversary whereas lilies are the flowers to send for a 30th anniversary.

From traditional red roses to sweet-smelling freesias, flowers are a romantic way to tell your partner how much you love them – so why not choose a bouquet for your next anniversary celebration? Keep reading to find out all of the wedding anniversary flowers, whether you’re celebrating one year together or twenty!

1st Anniversary – Carnation

Your 1st anniversary is ultra-special – a moment to celebrate 12 months together as a couple. Carnations, with their ruffled petals and spectacular colours, symbolise devotion, love and fascination so if you’re celebrating 12 months of marriage they are the perfect present.

2nd Anniversary – Cosmos

Cosmos flowers represent harmony, beauty, resilience, kindness and infinity, which makes them a wonderful option for a 2nd anniversary bouquet. These pretty blooms come in shades of pink, crimson, rose, lavender and purple and even though they look delicate and fragile they are surprisingly hardy.

3rd Anniversary – Sunflower

Standing tall and strong, with dazzling yellow petals, the sunflower signifies optimism, loyalty and happiness – so what could be more appropriate to mark your 3rd anniversary? These cheery blooms brighten up any room and always put a smile on people’s faces.

4th Anniversary – Geranium

Geraniums are the traditional flowers to mark 4 years together. Why? Because they represent the positive things in life, like happiness, friendship and good health – exactly what every couple hopes for. With their vibrant colours, aromatic scent and longevity, they will add the finishing touch to your anniversary bouquet.

5th Anniversary – Daisy

Simple and classy, daisies symbolise fidelity and true love. In days gone by they were referred to as “day’s eyes” because their petals close over the centre at night and open again in the morning – which is where the phrase “as fresh as a daisy” came from. These days they are often used in bridal bouquets as well as for 5th anniversaries.

6th Anniversary – Calla Lily

The gorgeous calla lily is a symbol of love so no wonder it features so frequently in wedding bouquets. With their long, elegant petals and arrow shaped leaves these blooms are also known as traditional 6th wedding anniversary flowers. We can’t think of a more suitable bouquet to express your love after 6 years together. 

7th Anniversary – Freesia

Fragrant freesias come in a host of eye-catching hues – white, cream, yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, lavender and purple – and each colour has a different meaning. Yellow symbolises friendship and optimism, red represents love and passion and pink signifies femininity and love – perfect for a 7th anniversary gift for your other half.  

8th Anniversary – Clematis

The clematis has more than 300 species of clematis of different shapes and sizes, all with different meanings. Pink clematis is associated with happiness, gentleness, joy and love while purple clematis symbolises success, admiration, loyalty and elegance but there are a range of other colours too. By your 8th year together you’ll know exactly which colour your partner likes best. 

9th Anniversary – Poppy

After 9 years you’ll want to reflect on your time as a couple and look forward to the future. Poppies, with their bright red petals, are commonly associated with the First and Second World Wars but they also represent hope and imagination, making them the ideal flowers for a 9th anniversary. 

10th Anniversary – Daffodil

A decade together is definitely something to celebrate. As well as being the national flower of Wales, the daffodil is the 10th wedding anniversary flower. With their sunny yellow petals and long stems, daffodils symbolise rebirth and hope and always put us in an upbeat mood.

11th Anniversary – Morning Glory

Now you’re into your next decade as a couple you’ll want to celebrate in style. The morning glory flower represents undying love, which makes it a fitting choice for an 11th anniversary celebration. Incidentally, its memorable name comes from the way its pretty purple, pink or white flowers unfurl in the morning.

12th Anniversary – Peony

Sweet scented and soft petalled, the peony represents 12 years together as a duo. This elegant and graceful flower symbolises romance, prosperity, good fortune and a happy marriage so it’s a brilliant bloom to show the apple of your eye how much you love them.

13th Anniversary – Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are popular the world over – and we’re not surprised. Symbolising longevity, fidelity, joy and optimism, these stunning flowers will delight your loved one on your 13th anniversary. The fact that they last for up to three weeks in a vase is a bonus. With their jewel-like colours and pretty petals, what’s not to like?

14th Anniversary – Dahlia

Dahlias are commonly associated with commitment and kindness – key ingredients of a happy partnership, we reckon. Distinctive and dashing, they come in a multitude of vivid colours. From the palest pink to deep purple to bright orange, they always stand out from the crowd. 

15th Anniversary – Rose

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet – and so are you. No flower represents love and passion more than the classic red rose. Fifteen years is a very special milestone so you can’t go wrong with a magnificent bouquet of roses. If you’re after a romantic way to show your love, look no further.

20th Anniversary – Aster

Asters signify patience, faith, love and wisdom – the kind of traits that make for a successful romantic partnership. Twenty years together is no mean feat so giving the love of your life a bouquet that features these delicate, star-shaped blooms will demonstrate how much you care.

25th Anniversary – Iris

It probably seems no time at all since you first met and now you’re celebrating a quarter of a century together. The iris symbolises strength, courage and admiration so these tall, striking flowers are the ideal way to express your enduring love for each other.

30th Anniversary – Lily

As well as signifying pride and devotion, lilies represent the 30 years you have spent as a twosome – from the passion of first love to the contentment of growing older together. These statuesque blooms, with their flamboyant flowers, always look and smell divine.

40th Anniversary – Gladioli

Forty years as a happy couple is an incredible achievement so it’s important to celebrate in style. Gladioli originate from South Africa and are said to symbolise strength, integrity and generosity but we love them for their bold, clashing colours and trumpet-like heads.

50th Anniversary – Yellow Roses & Violets

Before we say anything else, loads of congratulations on celebrating a half-century together. Not surprisingly, golden weddings are traditionally associated with yellow or golden flowers so yellow roses, which represent the enduring power of your relationship, are perfect. Some lovebirds combine yellow roses and violets to make a striking arrangement. Yellow and violet represent a long and happy relationship and look wonderful as part of a bouquet.

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