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Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

Find out more about edible flowers, including what they are and what they taste like!

Flowers aren’t just a beautiful addition to your home and garden, but can be eaten as well! The culinary use of flowers dates back many years even back to the Romans! Many cultures and countries use flowers when cooking, you may have noticed flowers in Italian food or petals in Indian cuisine. It can be a beautiful way to add colours and flavours to many varieties of dish. There are many kinds of edible flowers and each has their own flavour, scent and appearance, find many listed below!

Eating Flowers Safely

Although flowers a beautiful some are not fit to consume!
Eat flowers you know to be consumable — If you are unsure about a certain flower be sure to consult a book on edible flowers.
Ensure the flowers you eat have not been treated with pesticides or chemicals – the best way to do this is to grow them at home to be certain they are not treated with chemicals.
Eat only the petals.
If you suffer from allergies slowly introduce edible flowers in small amount, they may exacerbate your allergies. This will also allow your body to get used to the flowers you are eating.
You can refrigerate your flowers to keep them fresh – ensure they are kept on moist paper towels inside an airtight container.

A List Of Edible Flowers

edible flowers

1. Allium
You probably have already eaten many members of the allium family. From leeks and chives to garlic, they are all edible and flavoursome and very commonly used in our kitchens today.
2. Angelica
Depending on the variety, flowers range from deep rose to blue and taste like liquorice!
3. Arugula
Blossoms are small with dark centres and with a peppery flavour much like the leaves. They range in colour from white to yellow with dark purple streaks.
4. Bee balm
These red flowers have a taste of mint!

edible flowers

5. Borage
Blossoms are a lovely blue hue and taste like cucumber!
6. Calendula/marigold
A great flower for eating, calendula blossoms are peppery, tangy, and spicy and are a vibrant golden colour.
7. Carnations / dianthus
A very common and beautiful flower that features in many of our bouquets! The petals are sweet and perfumed.
8. Chamomile
Small and daisylike, the flowers have a sweet flavour and are often used in tea.

edible flowers

9. Chrysanthemum
Another popular bloom here at Blossoming Gifts! It is a tad bitter and comes in many colours!
10. Clover
The clover flower tastes sweet with a hint of liquorice.
11. Dandelion
Dandelions taste earthy, nutty and slightly bitter.
12. Dill
Yellow dill flowers taste much like the herb’s leaves.

edible flowers

13. English daisy
Although not a favourite edible flower when it comes to the taste, it does look beautiful!
14. Fuchsia
Fuchsia flowers are tangy and their bright colours make a beautiful garnish.
15. Hibiscus
Famously used in hibiscus tea, the vibrant cranberry flavour is considered tart.
16. Lavender
Sweet, spicy, and perfumed, the flowers are a great addition to both savoury and sweet dishes.
17. Lemon verbena
Just like its name, these flowers taste like lemon! They are a beautiful addition to teas and desserts.

18. Lilac
The blooms are pungent, but the floral citrusy aroma translates to its flavour as well.
19. Nasturtium
One of the most popular edible flowers, nasturtium blossoms are brilliantly coloured with a sweet, floral flavour bursting with a spicy pepper finish. When the flowers go to seed, the seed pod is a marvel of sweet and spicy. You can stuff flowers, add leaves to salads, pickle buds like capers, and garnish to your heart’s content.
20. Pansy
The petals are somewhat tasteless, but if you eat the whole flower you get more flavour.
21. Rose
Remove the white, bitter base and the remaining petals have a strongly perfumed flavour perfect for floating in drinks or scattering across desserts, and for a variety of jams. All roses are edible, with the flavour more pronounced in darker varieties.

edible flowers

22. Sunflower
Petals can be eaten, and the bud can be steamed like an artichoke. Sunflower seeds are a very common snack and can be found in most supermarkets!
23. Violets
Another famous edible flower, violets are floral, sweet and beautiful as garnishes. Use the flowers in salads and to garnish desserts and drinks.

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