Yucca House Plant in a Pot

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Additional Information

How should I care for this plant? Yuccas are very low maintenance. They are native to dry climates, and should only be watered when the soil has completely dried out. They need plenty of light - a south facing window is ideal. Rotate the pot regularly to avoid your Yucca growing lopsided.
Does this plant come with a pot? Yes, this plant comes with a ceramic pot. Please note the pot may vary depending on seasonal availability
Is this plant safe for pets? All parts of the Yucca plant are poisonous to dogs and cats, and in large amounts can cause drooling, vomiting, weakness, reduced coordination and dilated pupils.
How is the plant packaged? Our plants are packaged in a cardboard box, with the pot bubble wrapped and secured with a cardboard insert at the base.
How long will this plant live? This plant can live for several years with proper care.