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Carnations are gorgeously textured flowers, available in a range of colours, making them the perfect flower for any occasion. Choose a gift they will really enjoy from our carnations delivery range.

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Carnations’ beautifully textured petals, pretty colours, and delicate scent has made them classic blooms in bouquets for any occasion. In the language of flowers, they symbolise love, fascination, distinction, and devotion - perfect for sending a heartfelt message! The different colours of carnation also have meanings of their own:

Pink Carnations: Gratitude, or a mother’s love (perfect for Mother’s Day!)

White Carnations: Purity and fortune.

Red Carnations: Affection and love.

Purple Carnations: Capriciousness.

One of the reasons we love carnations is they’re also very long lasting, with a vase life of up to 3 weeks if you’re lucky! Of course, you can help them to thrive and look beautiful for longer by following our care tips:

Step 1: When your carnations arrive, trim 2-3cm off the stems and remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline.

Step 2: Fill your vase with room temperature water, and add the flower food.

Step 3: Put your carnations in the vase - try to use a slightly wider vase, so they’re not packed too tightly. This will help them to bloom even more beautifully.

Step 4: Display the flowers in a cool, light area, away from draughts, heat, direct sunlight, and fresh fruit.

Step 5: Change the water every 2 days and re-trim the stems to keep your carnations well hydrated.