Boston Fern House Plant

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Additional Information

How should I care for this plant? Boston Ferns should be placed in bright, indirect light. They love humidity, so a kitchen or bathroom is a great location for them. They should never be allowed to dry out, and should be watered as soon as the soil is slightly dry. In hot weather, the Boston Fern may require daily watering, but this can be reduced to once or twice a week in cooler weather.
Does this plant come with a pot? Yes, this plant comes with a ceramic pot. Please note the pot may vary depending on seasonal availability
Is this plant safe for pets? Boston Ferns are safe for pets.
How is the plant packaged? Our plants are packaged in a cardboard box, with the pot bubble wrapped and secured with a cardboard insert at the base.
How long will this plant live? This plant can live for several years with proper care.