Valentine's Gift Set

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I ordered the 12 roses without the gift set for a friend as requested by her fiance (they are in a long distance relationship). The flowers arrived in time for Valentines (Thank you!) However, flowers did not look fresh at all. So the fiance was of course was disappointed. I have sent a message to blossoming gifts, hopeful for a reply. Hope this review helps both supplier and customers!
Review by Mary
I am a china buyer and bought this set flower at 11 Feb, this products said will delivery at 13 Feb of UK time, I am OK but actually delivery at 14 Feb evening, I don't know why. another reason I will never ever buy something at this website was the flower every terrible quality I can not upload the pictures of flowers, the flower was withered and die away, the balloon no air. I don't know why this product can sell at internet, first time buy sth at UK, very bad experience.
Review by Mark Sun
I have to do one thing three timed
Review by Mir
What a gorgeous Valentine surprise. My boyfriend got it delivered to my office. Bless him. Thanks Blossoming x
Review by Claire
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