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April Fools Day Pranks…

April Fools Day Pranks…


April Fools Day Pranks For The Whole Family!


April Fools Day is fast approaching on Friday 1st April 2016. In many Western Countries, the 1st of April is a day to fool and play pranks on people.

Take a look below at some funny and easy  April Fools Day pranks:


Not So Sweet Apples


April Fools Day Pranks 1


Instead of apples, use some yellow onions to create some toffee apples, well toffee onions… Dip some yellow onions in melted toffee and watch their faces as they take a bite!


Blue Milk


April Fools Day Pranks 2


Add a few drops of blue food colouring in some milk, add this milk to someone’s cereal bowl and watch their faces!


Remotes That Won’t Work


April Fools Day Pranks 3


Place small pieces of clear sellotape over the sensors of TV and gamming console remotes.


Upside Down 


April Fools Day Pranks 4


When everyone is asleep, turn as many things as you can upside down, such as photo frames, clocks, chairs, tables and more! Watch their faces in the morning!


Soap That Won’t Soap


April Fools Day Pranks 5


Add some nail polish to you bar of soap and leave it in the bathroom. Your soap won’t lather and your victim will be left with questions.


Breakfast Confusion 


April Fools Day Pranks 6


For breakfast, fill a bowl of plain or vanilla yogurt and on top place a canned peach half. You can even serve with a glass of milk, tea or coffee that has been frozen!


Nasty Water Bottles


April Fools Day Pranks 7


Over the sink, poke some holes into a plastic water bottle, using something like a sewing needle would be ideal. Wipe the excess water off the bottle and place on the counter. When someone picks it up,  the pressure of their hand will cause the water to spray out lightly!


Undrinkable Juice


April Fools Day Pranks 8


Fill a cup up with gelatin and leave it in the fridge over night to set. Once the drink is firm, offer someone a drink and watch them become very confused!


Creepy Crawly Food 


April Fools Day Pranks 9


Place some fake, plastic bugs in their lunch! Sneak them in bagged sandwiches and/or reusable containers filled with food.


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